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Friday, December 14, 2018
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How to Get Credit When You Have None

Trying to get your first credit card can be as frustrating as trying to land your first job. Employers want experience, but you can't get experience unless someone hires you. Source link

It May Be Time to Stop Itemizing Your Tax Deductions

Around this time of year, many taxpayers begin the annual ritual of pondering The Big Question: Do I take the standard deduction or spend time hunting for receipts and filling Source link

More Americans buy groceries at dollar stores than Whole Foods, report says

More Americans buy their groceries from dollar stores than from Whole Foods Market, according to a newly published report.In its report, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance says the number of dollar stores — mom-and-pop shops as well as...

11 Easy, Affordable DIY Holiday Gifts

No need to ditch your frugal lifestyle around the holidays. You can save money, and earn bonus points for thoughtfulness, with a homemade gift.   Chapman gets the same satisfaction Source link

There's More Than One Way to Retire

Why be normal, you might have asked yourself on occasion. Turns out, with retirement at least, there's really no such thing. What you might think of as the 'normal' way Source link

How to Manage Student Loan Debt Without Making It Worse

When you're struggling financially, keeping up with your student loan payments might feel like you're stuck on a runaway train " and student loan forbearance, which allows you to pause Source link

Read This Before Making Your First Student Loan Payment

The end of the student loan grace period means an end to the heady days of payment-free living. Now, every month, you'll part with a chunk of money that perhaps Source link

Give Yourself the Gift of a $0 Credit Card Balance

As Eddie Sheridan prepares to return to school to get a degree in nursing, he's doing more than just taking the prerequisite classes: The 31-year-old resident of Gainesville, Florida, is Source link

5 Key Steps to Join the 401(k) Millionaires Club

In 2013, Fritz Gilbert reached a goal he had worked toward for 28 years: His 401(k) hit the million-dollar mark. With that tick to seven digits, Gilbert, who is 55, Source link

Vanilla Ice house in Melbourne Beach, featured on DIY Network, drops to $4.875 million

Nice, nice baby! Oceanfront home in South Melbourne Beach was heavily featured on season 7 of "The Vanilla Ice Project" on the DIY Network          Source link


How to Reset Retirement Plans to Weather a Downturn

The older the current bull market gets, the more stories you're likely to read about how this is an awful time to retire....


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