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Friday, December 14, 2018
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How I Bought a Home in Denver

Between the fresh mountain air, ample sunshine, growing startup scene and  the progressive  image that  was strengthened after the legalization of recreational marijuana, it's no wonder why young adults are flocking to Denver. Source link

How I Ditched Debt: Smart Solutions for 'Stupidest Decision'

In this series, NerdWallet interviews people who have triumphed over debt using a combination of commitment, budgeting and smart financial choices. Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Getting Source link

HomeReady and Home Possible: Loans With 3% Down for 2018

For years,  the Federal Housing Administration was the king of the low-down-payment mortgage mountain. Now, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored enterprises that provide capital to the mortgage market, are Source link

Your Parents' Money Guru May Not Be Right for You

There's a lot to be said for a personal recommendation: Letting your neighbors vet a plumber can save you a trip into the sinkhole that is internet reviews. It helps, Source link

Summer Is the Perfect Time for a Financial Checkup

The bills of summer vacation are now on your statement, school's about to start and the holidays are four short months away. August may feel like wasted 'dog days,' but Source link

The Sun wins 9 awards in state contest

The Florida Society of News Editors presented nine awards, including two first-place honors, to The Gainesville Sun for work published in 2017.Staff writer Cindy Swirko won top honors for beat coverage based on stories uncovering trouble within the...

How They Retired Decades Early " With Kids

Retire early? 'Sure,' you might say, 'I could do that " if it weren't for the kids.' But  even with a full house, it's not impossible. Meet Carl Jensen, founder of Source link

How to Stretch Summer Job Money

Toiling behind the ice cream counter or sweating on the lifeguard stand aren't just rites of passage for college students. You might need summer job money to help cover the Source link

9 Expenses to Pack in Your Moving Budget

Moving comes with a long, expensive to-do list. The average cost to for a local move from a two-bedroom apartment or three-bedroom house ranges from $400 to $1,000, according to Source link

Car Payments Out of Control? Retake the Wheel

Maybe you lost your job, bought too much car or got into a loan you just can't afford anymore. No matter why your car payments have become unaffordable, it's important Source link


Maternal mortality: More new moms are dying, but doctors can’t find...

The best day of Antoinette and Haris Pratsinakis' lives was followed quickly by the worst, when Antoinette had a stroke just four days...


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