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Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Russians vs. Rednecks: FailArmy Versus

We decided to put two of our favorite failures together: Russians vs. Rednecks. Who had the worst fail? Let us know in the comments below! Have a few of your ... source

Tricycle Trouble: Fails of the Week (September 2018) | FailArmy

Happy Friday! It's time for some premium fails! This week we have a toddler bombing down a hill, car fails, and more! Submit your video to FailArmy.com! Did you ... source

Ultimate Party Fouls || FailArmy

Having a party? These guys will find a way to ruin it. Here are the funniest party fails we have collected over the last couple years. What do you think? source

Ultimate Fail Frenzy || FailArmy

Sometimes it takes one person's fail to set off an epic chain reaction. Watch some of the best fail frenzy clips the internet has to offer. Remember to subscribe and ... source

Hardcore, Parkour!: Fan Submissions (May 2018) | FailArmy

This is for you, from you! Thanks for the videos you've submitted already, and the next to come! We've got vacation fails video coming up soon, if you have any ... source

FAILS Compilation || September 2018 || MonthlyFails

Fails compilation of the month September! Subscribe for more new fail videos and other crazy compilations. Have fun watching and stay tuned there's much ... source

False Start!: Best Fails of the Week! (May 2018) | FailArmy

How in the world is it May already? Anyway, here are the best fails of the week. Let us know your thoughts down below, and keep those submissions coming. source

Try Not to Flunk: Back to School Fails (August 2018) | FailArmy

Summer is coming to an end and school is back in session! Enjoy a plethora of school fails! Study hard, pay attention! Make sure to sign up for our news letter for ... source

Double Fails Compilation || “Double Trouble” By FailArmy 2016

Lets multiply fails by 2....or more!!!! This is dedicated to those times we fail over and over again. This week we bring you the best double fails we have. source

Watch This, Watch This!: Funny Kid Fails (October 2017) | FailArmy

They say it's important to start young, but no one said anything about failing young. Here are some of our funniest kid fails around, with a dad getting spit up on, ... source


London fears losing 'market' and 'influence' if Trump makes 'peace' with...

The UK establishment is alarmed by a "peace deal" that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump may reach at their upcoming meeting. London...


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