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Best Fails Compilation of the Week 2 June 2015 || FailArmy

Hanging with friends is fun, unless your friends are like Will and aim fireworks at you in your basement. Seriously, Will, chill out and enjoy then best fails of the ... source

Best Fails of the Week: Go Hard, Or Go Home! (March 2018) | FailArmy

The best fails of the week are back, and we've got a fresh batch for you. Everything from gym and lifting fails, to a crazy motocross fail and a dancing girl who ... source

Best Fails of the Week 1 October 2015 || FailArmy

Enjoy all of this week's best fails in this week's best fails of the week! Download the NEW FAILARMY APP for iOS: http://bit.ly/FailArmyiOS and Android: ... source

FailArmy Throwbacks: Hold On Tight! (May 2017)

This week on FailArmy Throwbacks, we're going back for some awesome dad fails, scare pranks, and crazy lighting strike. Leave a comment about your favorite ... source

FailArmy Throwback Fails: No Crying Allowed! (March 2018) | FailArmy

We've got an awesome throwback fails for you to check out today. We've got people going through windows, mountain bike fails, expensive fails and much more ... source

Back to School Fails || FailArmy

Back in school? Hopefully you're not already failing! If you are, check out your fellow students in these back to school fails! WHAT TO WATCH NEXT: Best Fails ... source

Dash Cam Fails Compilation || MonthlyFails 2018

Hi all! Enjoy all of these driving fail videos caught on dash cams! Cement truck spilling wet concrete, bent road signs and more in this car cam fail compilation. source

Best Fails of the Week 1 July 2015 || FailArmy

In a world where failure is caught on video, the loyal FailArmy Nation soldiers submit their best, funniest and most brutal fails each week to be highlighted on the ... source

Ultimate mess Compilation Part 2 | FailArmy

People crashing into people? Check. People crashing into things? Check. Things crashing into things? Check. Welcome to our 2nd installment of ultimate ... source

Best Fails of the Week 1 May 2016 || “That Squirrel Just Attacked Me!...

How the hell is it May already? Anyway, here are the best fails of the week submitted by you and compiled by us. Let us know your thoughts down below, submit ... source


Ultimate Parkour Fails Compilation || FailArmy

The only equipment you need for parkour is a camera for a friend to hold HORIZONTALLY while he films your failures. Seriously, we probably...


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