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Epic FAILS Compilation || March 2016 || MonthlyFails

Enjoy this new set of fails from all over the world. Excavator rock loading epic fail, faceplants, crazy crane fail and much more for this March 2016 fails ... source

FailArmy’s Most Expensive Fails Compilation || Cash Money Millionaires

Some people can afford to fail a few times. Here are some of the most expensive fails in our collection. In fact, lets do a quick moment of silence for their bank ... source

Dash Cam Fails Compilation || November 2017 || MonthlyFails

Hi all! Here they are! Dash cam fail videos of some of the 'best' drivers! Driving fails, ghost car appearing out of nowhere and much more! Stay tuned for new epic ... source

Ultimate Bad Friends Compilation 2015 || FailArmy

Think your friends suck? Check out these worst friends in this ultimate bad friends compilation of 2015 and see if you need to re-evaluate your friendships… source

WTF moments Compilation || December 2016 || MonthlyFails

Hi all! Enjoy this crazy wtf moments compilation for the December 2016. Funny pranks, crazy road sighting videos and more! Stay tuned for new epic fails ... source

Funniest Animal Fails Compilation || FailArmy

Humans aren't the only species that fail. Have a pet? You know what we're talking about. Enjoy the best animal and pet fails on the internet. Remember to ... source

High Heels Fail Compilation || MonthlyFails || March 2014

Feel free to share, rate... thanks! Have fun watching!! Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/user/monthlyfails?sub_confirmation=1 Submit fail video ... source

Police Chase FAIL/WIN Compilation || MonthlyFails 2017

Police chase fails or is it runaway wins? Anyhow, wish you to enjoy all of these wins and fails in this police chase compilation. Stay tuned for more fails, wins and ... source

Winter is Coming: Snow Fails (October 2018) | FailArmy

It's getting cold out, and while it may only be October, WINTER IS COMING! Bundle up and enjoy some fails in the snow! We have sledding fails, ski fails, and ... source

WTFAIL Compilation || February 2014 || MonthlyFails

Set of fails and wtf's as the last video of month February 2014! Feel free to share, rate,.. thank you! Have fun watching!! Subscribe ... source


Bills take 24-21 win over Jaguars

Once Leonard Fournette and the Jacksonville Jaguars lost their cool, Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills took over.Allen scored the go-ahead touchdown on...


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