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Friday, February 22, 2019
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4th Street Fillin Station serves more than gas in Cocoa Beach: Opening Alert

Don't let the Mobil gas pumps out front fool you; you can fill your tank and your belly at Cocoa Beach's new gastropub          Source link

Hawaii lawmakers aim to raise smoking age to 100 in next 5 years

Hawaii made history in 2016 when it became the first state to raise its minimum age for purchasing tobacco products to 21, and now, a state representative is pushing to have cigarettes nearly eliminated by 2024.Hawaii Rep. Richard...

You can go home again, and maybe you should

The trees in the yard had grown so big, while the slide in the playground looked so small. The walk to the elementary school seemed far less adventuresome, though the same sidewalk cracks were achingly familiar. I looked...

Florida lawmaker uses his nose — literally — to get flu bill passed

How far is Florida Rep. Tyler Sirois (R-Cocoa) willing to go to get a bill passed?On Thursday, he let fellow Republican Rep. Cary Pigman shove a stick up his nose as news cameras recorded the image outside the...

Groundbreaking study uses small chip to immediately detect Zika

A groundbreaking new study could soon take the guessing out of Zika treatment.The Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio is working with a team at the University of California Santa Cruz to help find an immediate way...

321 Flavor: Face-to-face or side-by-side, Brevard couples debate where to sit at dinner

Members of our 321 Flavor group on Facebook debate the best place to sit when dining out with their spouse or partner          Source link

Suzy Fleming Leonard: So long, Peter Tork; thanks for making me a daydream believer

Two of the four Monkees have died, along with cherished pieces of childhood          Source link

Here's how DeSantis plans to provide Floridians with cheaper prescriptions

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was in The Villages on Wednesday to announce a new plan he has to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for Floridians.The governor said he plans to work alongside President Donald Trump's administration to...

Photos: JA Business Blastoff Challenge

         Source link


Model-actress Dayanara Torres says she has skin cancer

Actress Dayanara Torres says she has skin cancer and is awaiting news on the treatment to follow after having undergone two surgeries. The...


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