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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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One injured, one in custody in Marion County high school shooting

One person was injured and another in custody after a shooting at Forest High School in Marion County Friday morning, a sheriff's office spokeswoman said. The injured person was being treated by medics, spokeswoman Valerie Strong said. Deputies...

Tips on using 321 LAUNCH app during a SpaceX rocket launch

What's better than a SpaceX launch? A SpaceX launch and an AR rocket launch using 321 LAUNCH app.          Source link

Restaurant Review: El Bodegon

One thing about tapas at El Bodegón: If you expect tiny, appetizer-sized plates, this isn’t your place. Ours were servings so generous that we had no room for entrees or desserts. Photos and review by Lyn Dowling. Video...

Nonprofit brings fresh food to hungry Orlando-area community

Many people in Central Florida face hunger on a daily basis. A nonprofit seeks to improve the quality of life for these individuals by supplying fresh foods and health education in the process. "We began this process because...

What’s next for Murder on the Space Coast podcast

Podcast reporter John A. Torres teases to season 4 of Murder on the Space Coast.          Source link

Daddy Duty: Making new home comfy for toddlers is hard work

A big change like a new home can be tough on young children, so making them comfortable with their new surroundings is a big task          Source link

Dave Ramsey: Why not short-term disability?

 Dear Dave,Why don't you recommend having short-term disability insurance while doing the first three Baby Steps of your plan? It seems like a good time for it, when you're in the beginning stages of getting your finances in...

Red Dragon Roll at Jao Thai in Melbourne makes tummies happy with something for...

The Super Roll includes escolar, salmon, krab, avocado, cucumber, roe and spicy sauce, plus red tuna          Source link

On the road: Bike-buying tips for adults

Many American towns and cities encourage biking to work. Time magazine’s "9 Best" are Portland, Oregon; Washington, D.C.; San Francisco; Minneapolis; Philadelphia; Davis, California; Boulder, Colorado; Seattle and Chicago.May is National Bike Month, and National Bike to Work...

The Mom Stop: No more lazy days of summer

When I think back to the summers of my childhood, I'm reminded of long days at the neighborhood pool, playing "Marco Polo" with other kids or diving for objects in the deep end while the lifeguard's stereo blasted...


Florida House speaker won't run for governor, backs Putnam

Richard Corcoran stood with Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam Wednesday morning as he announced his decision. Source link


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