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Video: What is Rett syndrome?

FLORIDA TODAY Executive Editor Bob Gabordi is a voice for those who have challenges. His daughter, Jessica, has Rett syndrome. Video by Jeff Meesey, FLORIDA TODAY. Posted Feb. 8, 2016          Source link

Me-n-Tito’s brings a fresh taken on Mexican food to Melbourne

The Mexican grill is located in a revamped Dairy Queen on Babcock Street in Melbourne          Source link

Theaters issue warning about 'Incredibles 2'

If you were one of the many people who watched the new "Incredibles 2" movie in theaters over the weekend, you may have seen the warning that theaters posted about a flashing light sequence in the film.The movie,...

Restaurant review: Arbetter’s in Cocoa serves hot dogs and nostalgia

Arbetter's is possibly the least pretentious restaurant in Brevard County, with a menu that includes ice cream and fries, but specializes in hot dogs          Source link

Restaurant review: Arbetter’s Hot Dogs

A fair enough lunch, when it came down to it, for less than $10.50, and a Cocoa tradition, alive and well and serving so many people that it has its own traffic light. Photos and review by Lyn...

Shoot your food and eat it too: Photographers offer tips for getting delicious images

Composition, color and lighting are the most important ingredients in the recipe for a beautiful photograph of your dinner          Source link

Tips for tick protection and prevention

While not all ticks carry the same diseases, at least one variety of disease-transmitting tick can be found in every state. Lyme disease is the most common.The CDC estimates that about 300,000 Americans develop Lyme disease each year,...


Watch the Olympic Figure Skating Exhibition Gala

Figure skating at the Pyeongchang Games officially comes to an end with the exhibition gala, where top skaters will perform pieces that showcase...


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