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Sunday, January 20, 2019
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SpaceX Falcon 9, Dragon blast off from Cape Canaveral on stunning pre-dawn flight to...

The Dragon capsule was deployed less than 10 minutes after a 5:42 a.m. EDT Friday launch from the Cape. SpaceX did not attempt to land the rocket.         Source link

What caused this morning’s gorgeous SpaceX Falcon 9 launch? A twilight phenomenon.

As darkness began its retreat Friday, a SpaceX rocket leapt off its pad and created a dazzling display that expanded to encompass most of the sky.         Source link

A UCF lab has perfected the recipe for producing Martian soil on Earth. And...

Like any complicated recipe, whipping up some Martian soil on Earth requires finding the right ingredients. You may raid a museum to find an exceedingly rare mineral or call your local coal provider for a dash of magnetite....

Blue Origin’s New Shepard launches, lands in Texas test flight

With a mannequin on board, the New Shepard capsule fired its escape motor to simulate a high-altitude emergency.         Source link

SpaceX installs sleek crew access arm for astronauts at Kennedy Space Center’s pad 39A

Critical hardware that will allow astronauts to traverse the expanse between the tower at KSC's pad 39A and SpaceX rockets was installed this week.         Source link

Blue Origin scores contract to put its engines on United Launch Alliance's new rocket

Blue Origin has won a contract to supply its engines for United Launch Alliance’s massive planned Vulcan Centaur rocket, ULA announced Thursday. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has been vying for the contract for the past four...

Boeing Starliner astronauts make first official visit to Kennedy Space Center

Boeing astronauts will see many firsts: the first flight of their spacecraft, the first crewed missions and, for two, their first time in space.         Source link

NASA chief: ‘Without question,’ U.S. rockets will launch astronauts from U.S. soil next year

NASA Administrator James Bridenstine all but guaranteed his agency would soon be back in the business of flying humans into low-Earth orbit by 2019.         Source link

Boeing suffers anomaly during Starliner test of launch abort engines in New Mexico

Boeing's spacecraft slated to take crews and cargo to the ISS under a NASA contract suffered an anomaly last month during a test in New Mexico.         Source link

Kennedy Space Center firefighters picket near spaceport to protest contract

Up to 200 demonstrators gathered on State Road 405 Friday afternoon to express frustration with changes to retirement and sick leave benefits.         Source link


European security held hostage by Washington’s geopolitical games – Lavrov

The blindness of the EU bureaucrats allows the US to instigate dangerous military activity near Russian borders, jeopardizing the security of the...


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