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Monday, June 18, 2018
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Lockheed Martin lands $1 billion deal for hypersonic missile

Lockheed Martin landed a nearly $1 billion deal with the U.S. Air Force to develop a hypersonic cruise missile that can travel five times the speed of sound - that’s more than 3,800 miles per hour - fending...

Atlas V set to launch NOAA’s newest GOES-S weather satellite from Cape Canaveral

A weather satellite slated to hitch a ride on an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral will join its sibling above Earth, arming forecasters with data.          Source link

NASA’s InSight mission en route to Mars from California

Watch live as teams target 7:05 a.m. Eastern time for the opening of a two-hour window at Vandenberg AFB in California to launch NASA's InSight          Source link

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket, Musk’s Tesla Roadster reach orbit on test flight

The three-booster rocket blasted off from Kennedy Space Center at 3:45 p.m. Tuesday with more than 5 million pounds of thrust. Side boosters landed.          Source link

ULA, SpaceX secure nearly $650 million in Air Force launch contracts

Industry heavy-hitters ULA and SpaceX recently secured nearly $650 million in Air Force launch contracts, the Department of Defense said Wednesday.          Source link

Facebook Shares Tumble Following Reports of Data Breach

Facebook shares tumbled Monday following reports that user data had been inappropriately obtained. Cambridge Analytica, whose clients included Donald Trump's presidential campaign, reportedly used the data... Source link

Space companies like Blue Origin and OneWeb are turning to apprenticeships

CAPE CANAVERAL — Alex Condevillamar runs a computer-guided cutting machine at a new space company in Titusville five days a week, helping to build satellite components for RUAG Space USA. One night a week, he leaves that job...

Maitland-built Madden NFL '18 No. 4 best-selling game in last year

One of the more popular video games built in Central Florida has been the fourth-bestselling title during the last year, an industry researcher announced this week. Madden NFL 18, which is built at the Electronic Arts studio in...

Photos: First SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5 launch from KSC

         Source link

How to watch SpaceX’s late night Falcon 9 launch from Cape Canaveral

Night owls can score a late night jolt when SpaceX launches a Falcon 9 rocket on a mission to deliver a satellite from Cape Canaveral on Friday.          Source link


Sister Jean Bobblehead Sets Sales Record

Just how popular is Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt? So popular that a bobblehead of the 98-year-old Loyola University men's basketball team chaplain just...


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