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Monday, January 22, 2018
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ULA: ‘Jury’s out’ on rocket reusability

ULA CEO Tory Bruno applauded SpaceX's recent re-flight of a Falcon booster as ''tremendous engineering accomplishment."          GANNETT Syndication Service

Kids Gaming Site is Breeding Ground for Predators, Mom Warns

A Louisiana mother is sounding the alarm about a popular online gaming site for kids, telling NBC 4 New York's I-Team she believes her son was "groomed" by a sexual predator who was lurking in the virtual...Photo Credit: NBC...

Air Force open to flying on used SpaceX rockets

Space Command chief Gen. Raymond sees launch industry moving to more reusable systems that lower costs, increase flights.          GANNETT Syndication Service

Miami to Orlando in 30 Minutes? Proposed Train May Do It

A new futuristic transportation system could soon dart passengers between Miami and Orlando in less than 30 minutes.Photo Credit: Hyperloop One This story uses functionality that may not work in our app. Click here to open the story in...

For Everyday Astronaut, what was once a joke is now a job

When searching through registers of astronauts past and present, Tim Dodd doesn't show up on the list – but he just might be the most socially savvy Earth-bound one to date.          GANNETT Syndication Service

Facebook Is Working on Letting You Type With Your Brain

Facebook on Wednesday unveiled a research project that will allow people to type using their thoughts, or hear through their skin, NBC News reported.Such a product could allow the deaf and blind to communicate...Photo Credit: AP Photo/Noah Berger NBC 6...

NASA astronaut and Russian cosmonauts return to Earth

Three astronauts from the International Space Station have successfully landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan — two from Russia and one from the United States.          GANNETT Syndication Service

New App May Solve McDonald’s Top Customer Complaint

A Miami tech startup has created an app to help solve one of McDonald’s biggest customer complaints: unpredictable broken ice cream machines.Photo Credit: Getty Images NBC 6 South Florida - Tech News

New super-sized Earth may be close enough to detect signs of life

LHS 1140b lies 39 light years from our solar system — close enough that telescopes now under construction may be able to spot oxygen molecules.          GANNETT Syndication Service

Drone Captures Incredible Footage Above Active Volcano

Scientists at the University of Cambridge and University of Bristol are using drones to capture footage and data above an active volcano in Guatemala. NBC 6 South Florida - Tech News


Stop calling Jared Kushner 'naive'

Jared Kushner may be a lot of things, but naive is definitely not one of them. Yet, following the Washington Post's story that...


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