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SpaceX Dragon spacecraft set for ISS departure and Pacific Ocean splashdown

A robotic SpaceX Dragon spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral last month is set for a Sunday departure from the ISS and Pacific Ocean splashdown.          Source link

SpaceX laying off 10% of its staff 'due to the extraordinarily difficult challenges ahead'

Private space leader SpaceX plans to lay off about 10 percent of its more than 6,000-person staff across the nation, the company said Friday. The Hawthorne, Calif.-based company, which has a prominent presence on the Space Coast, said...

NASA, SpaceX push back first flight of Crew Dragon to ISS

SpaceX, one of two companies tasked with taking astronauts to the International Space Station, has pushed back its first uncrewed demonstration flight.          Source link

NASA’s TESS satellite finds three exoplanets in its first three months

NASA’s newest planet-hunter that kicked off its mission after a launch from the Space Coast has found even more worlds orbiting outside our solar system.          Source link

Astronomers might have finally seen a star become a black hole

Astronomers may have witnessed a never-before-seen event: A star becoming a black hole.          Source link

The government shutdown is hitting Brevard where it hurts: The space industry

The partial government shutdown that has permeated dozens of agencies, organizations and programs is hitting Brevard where it hurts: Space.          Source link

Disabled video gamers find more options as EA, others expand choices

Aaron Cendan’s new video game controller features a subtle but significant design change. Instead of a joystick, four buttons on the left control the direction a player moves on the screen. Competitive gamers have embraced the change because...

Kennedy Space Center workers say government shutdown is 'holding the employees hostage'

CAPE CANAVERAL — They filled nearly every seat in the room, a sea of union T-shirts, baseball caps and calloused hands. Where else were unionized Kennedy Space Center workers — the people who fixed the power grid or...

Orlando digital entrepreneurs go Hollywood, then bring work home

The hordes of Nazis in crowd shots from the successful Amazon Prime series “The Man in the High Castle” are partially the work of a small animation firm based in Orlando. But getting that job and others like...

Brevard Schools prepares 6th graders to live and work on Mars

Brevard Schools prepares 6th graders to live and work on Mars          Source link


Moment Soyuz rocket failed captured on camera from SPACE (PHOTOS)

Astronaut Alexander Gerst, who is one of three crew members currently aboard the International Space Station, captured the dramatic failed launch of...


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