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Journalists feel ‘bittersweet’ ahead of ULA’s last ‘single-stick’ Delta IV ride to space

For most reporters based here on the Space Coast, setting up cameras at the launch pad the day before a rocket launch is a standard, yet exciting ordeal.         Source link

How to watch the last ever Delta IV rocket launch from Cape Canaveral

When a Delta IV rocket lifts off from Cape Canaveral on Thursday, it will mark the last time the Space Coast feels the rumble of that launch vehicle.         Source link

Things to know for last ULA ‘single-stick’ Delta IV launch from Cape Canaveral Air...

Spectators will gather one last time to see ULA launch its last candy corn-colored Delta IV rocket to space from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.         Source link

This 24-year-old engineer will be ‘on console’ for final flight of ULA’s Delta IV...

ULA spacecraft integrator Connor Murphy has a front row seat for the final Delta IV medium launch.         Source link

Space Force, newest branch of the military, will launch Aug. 29

Vice President Mike Pence announced that the Space Force, officially known as the U.S. Space Command, would be established next week.         Source link

321 Launch: The space news you might have missed

Welcome to 321 Launch, our wrap-up of the biggest space news from the past week you might have missed. Here's what's happening.         Source link

Why you should watch last ULA ‘single-stick’ Delta IV launch from Cape Canaveral Air...

United Launch Alliance will launch its last Delta IV Medium rocket Thursday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Here's why you should watch this launch:         Source link

Sierra Nevada Corp’s Dream Chaser test flight

Highlights from Sierra Nevada Corporation's completed free flight test of the Dream Chaser spacecraft in November 2017.         Source link

Northrop Grumman’s Omega rocket ribbon cutting at VAB

Ribbon cutting ceremony at VAB to welcome Northrop Grumman's Omega rocket         Source link

Weather OK for ULA’s final Delta IV launch from Cape Canaveral

Any weather concerns leading up to the Thursday morning launch of a United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket from Cape Canaveral are typical of Florida.         Source link


Gamecocks lock in SEC tournament seed. Here’s the projected schedule for...

The seedings and schedule for the 2019 SEC women’s basketball tournament in Greenville, South Carolina are almost all set. The conference tourney will...


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