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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Draconids ‘dragon meteor shower’ blaze across Russia & US skies (PHOTOS)

Lucky stargazers in Russia and North America have been treated to a spectacular cosmic display, courtesy of an age-old star constellation shaped like a space dragon. Read Full Article at RT.com Source link

Four injured after plane overshoots runway in Yakutia (VIDEO)

Four people were injured when the Sukhoi Superjet 100 from Yakutia airlines rolled off the runway when it landed as it flew in from the Siberian city of Ulan-Ude. Read Full Article at RT.com Source link

Suspect detained in Germany over killing of Bulgarian journalist – official

A suspect linked to the slaying of Bulgarian investigative journalist Victoria Marinova has been arrested in Germany. Preliminary investigation shows that it was a “spontaneous” rape attack, according to Chief Prosecutor. Read Full Article at RT.com Source link...

Restaurant review: Blaze in Viera does pizza well, taking personal pies up a notch

Blaze Pizza is a new-to-Brevard chain that serves personal-sized pizzas made to the diner's specifications          Source link

2 dead, 2 wounded in shooting at Florida shopping center

Read Full Article at RT.com Source link

Photos: The Wiz at The Henegar

         Source link

US Defense Secretary Mattis wants 80% of key fighter jets ready for war

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has called on the Pentagon to bring at least 80 percent of its key fighter jets to combat readiness. For a country always at war with someone, surprisingly few of its warplanes...

Critics use alleged murder of Saudi journalist…to bash Trump

The disappearance of a dissident Saudi journalist in the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul last Tuesday has offered pundits a golden opportunity to pin the blame on their favorite target: Donald Trump. Read Full Article at RT.com Source link...

'With us, or against us': Nikki Haley's top threats & accusations at UN

From bullying countries into voting in line with Washington to proclaiming that the US and Russia will never be friends, retiring US ambassador Nikki Haley has said a lot of eyebrow-raising things at the UN. Here are...

Hillary Clinton says Bill's sex assault allegations are 'different,' and the accuser speaks up

Hillary Clinton got called out for hypocrisy after she argued that sexual harassment allegations against her husband, Bill Clinton, were different from those high-profile Republicans face, as they were thoroughly investigated. Read Full Article at RT.com Source link...


‘Family values’ tattoo helps identify man accused in rape

Charging documents say a swastika and "family values" tattoo helped police identify a Missouri man accused of choking, raping and stabbing a woman....


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