Will%20and%20Wili%20Torres_1497541025489_9956163_ver1.0_1280_720 Father gives son lifesaving gift by donating his kidney

A father’s love is the best gift that any child can receive, but one Orlando father gave his son a lifesaving gift.

Will Torres is a man who suffers from Berger’s disease while working as a nurse in the transplant unit at Florida Hospital.

After having a transplant at 22 years old, he was inspired to become a nurse instead following of his initial plans to become an engineer. Torres, 27, is in need of another kidney transplant, and his match this time was his father, Willi Torres.

Willi wanted to donate his kidney the first time he went in, but his blood sugar was too high. But the second time around, Willi was ready to donate and came to his son’s rescue.

“Now that it’s done, I feel like it’s the same sensation as the first time when he was born, it’s the same, I feel the same, when the surgery was done I was feeling the same, and if you’re a dad, you know how that feeling is,” Torres said. “The real Father’s Day is every single day, I already received my gift. That’s him.”

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