Dan%20Mullen%20Spring%20Practice%20Cropped_1522440885898.jpg_11862330_ver1.0_1280_720 Gators coach Dan Mullen shows off dodgeball skills
In addition to getting the Gators up to speed during spring ball Florida head football coach Dan Mullen has also made it a point to ingrain himself in the local community.

The Southwest Recreation Center is one of the student athletic centers on campus in Gainesville. A group of students were playing dodgeball and their new football coach decided to join the fun.

Mullen shows off some great side to side agility and even drills a student with a dodgeball in the video below.

Dan Mullen gets it. (via @GatorsFB Instagram) pic.twitter.com/v29mv6csZa

— Adam Silverstein (@SilversteinAdam) March 30, 2018

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