Heinz-Field-snow-file_1515798863578_11481719_ver1.0_1280_720 Jags fans struggle to get to Pittsburg, endure cold

Fans headed to see the NFL divisional playoff game in Pittsburgh who are not already there may have trouble getting to town because of a snow storm moving in.

News4Jax chief meteorologist John Gaughan said 3 to 6 inches of snow may fall between Friday evening and Saturday morning, followed by sub-freezing temperatures.

Matt Sheppard’s flight to Pittsburgh was diverted and he is now attempting to drive to the game.

“It’s disappointing, but for us, since we have this extra day of buffer, since the game is not until Sunday, we are just looking at it as a nice adventure,” Sheppard said. “We have already been to three major cities today. We are driving through New York City now. You can’t see much because it’s foggy, but I feel like I’m on the Amazing Race.”

Kyle Register’s flight to Pittsburgh was also canceled.

“If we would have waited until the next direct flight from Atlanta to Pittsburgh, we could have got on it and we would already be in Pittsburgh right now,” Register said. “That’s very frustrating because, now we’re having to drive. It looks like 6½ more hours when we could already be in Pittsburgh right now if we would have waited.”

A News4Jax viewer familiar with the drive said it takes 10 to 12 hours to get to Pittsburgh by car, and Gaughan said driving may be an issue. Snow is forecast for all of western Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Turnpike has a reputation for not getting cleared quickly.

After the snow passes, the sun will come out, but it will be really, really cold. Gaughan said daytime highs will remain well below freezing, and it the wind-child will make it feel like single digits — the coldest temperatures the Jaguars have faced all season.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said he is headed to Pittsburgh for the game, but didn’t say how he planned to get there.

News4Jax will be also be in Pittsburgh all weekend. Watch for live reports and web updates all weekend.

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