Fournette%20and%20kid%20Cropped_1533240809117.png_12451439_ver1.0_1280_720 Leonard Fournette making more fans at training camp

Thursday at Jaguars training camp, second-year running back Leonard Fournette took some time to play catch with a young fan.

This kid is going to be wearing a Leonard Fournette jersey for a long time. And he got to keep the ball! #jaguars @wjxt4 @_fournette

— Cole Pepper (@ColePepper) August 2, 2018

After practice, Fournette said, “It just brings you back to that place when you were a little kid. Me growing up, wishing that I went to open practices for NFL teams, got to meet NFL guys and just giving those kids the opportunity, which was something I didn’t get as a kid. It is just using my abilities and talents the best that I can.”

Fournette said that iit wasn’t until he was in high school that he met an NFL player. By that time, the experience was powerful, but a little different than it probably is for most younger kids.

“I want to say BenJarvus [Green-Ellis],” Fournette said. “He went to my high school, and he was a running back for the Patriots. He came back when we had an alumni camp.”

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