axe_1541420841560_13523447_ver1.0_1280_720 New ax-throwing venue promises ax-citing time in downtown Orlando

An ax-cellent new venue that allows ax throwing is coming to downtown Orlando.

Epic Axe Throwing combines the thrill of competition and fun with throwing axes to release that inner lumberjack.

Kenneth Siu, founder of Epic Axe Throwing, said this venue is a place to try something new.

“This is a place that you can come and relax and have a good time,” Siu said. “It’s unique, and it’s an alternative place to have fun and try something new.”

On the corner of Robinson Street and Magnolia Avenue, the venue has six lanes and can hold six people up to a party of 60 people. The axes will be provided by Epic Axe and weigh less then three pounds. A waiver must be signed, and anyone 13 and up can throw the axes. Children 18 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Epic Axe is also wheelchair accessible.

Epic Axe Throwing can hosts corporate events and private events. It will host Axe Leagues sponsored by the World Axe Throwing League.

Siu, a traffic engineer, discovered this type of venue while traveling in Montreal with his business partner, Jessada Sunhachawi. Sunhachawi, a civil engineer, assures this sport is safe.

“It is not dangerous,” Sunhachawi said. “Safety is our biggest concern. We make sure everyone is wearing the right apparel.”

Closed-toe shoes are required to throw the axes. In each lane, an ax coach will help the guest with technique and encouragement.

Ian White, an ax-pert coach and master ax instructor, has been throwing axes for 14 years. He said the sport of ax throwing belongs to the person throwing the ax.

“You have control over the result,” White said. “When you’re throwing, not only do you get an adrenaline rush from your own throw, but you get an adrenaline rush because it’s your own skill. All it is is personal freedom and personal accomplishment.”

Siu said there aren’t any other ax throwing venues within two hours of Orlando. He knows everyone will have the same reaction on the first hit.

“The first time you get that ax stuck in that wood, you’ve got the biggest grin on your face,” Siu said. “No one can resist that; it happens every single time on that first stick.”

Epic Axe Throwing is taking reservations online. Parking can be found behind and around the venue.

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