Pegasus rocket set for weekend flight test before launch of NASA’s ICON mission

The captive carry test will gather data managers will review before giving a go-ahead for a potential launch of NASA's ICON mission next week.          Source link

Virgin Orbit releases the first photos of its rocket-plane hybrid, LauncherOne

It’s a rocket. It’s a plane. It’s a rocket plane? Virgin Orbit released the first images Friday of its LauncherOne, a 70-foot-long rocket that will be strapped to the bottom of a converted Virgin Atlantic plane for mid-air...

These 5 fab finds will make your life easier

We're always on the lookout for items to make our lives not only easier but more fun, and part of that fun is sharing them with you. Source link

'How can I be effective?': Teachers suffering after Hurricane Michael

Reopening schools in the district hit hardest by the hurricane Oct. 10 depends on achieving a degree of normalcy outside the classroom for the 28,000 students and the 1,800 employees. Source link

Travel: At 300 years old, the Big Easy still knows how to pass a...

Spirits need a lift? Head to New Orleans for a long weekend to enjoy world-class dining, jazzy music, elegant lodgings and immersive history          Source link

‘Love has no boundaries’: Same-sex penguins become perfect parents for baby chick

A same-sex penguin couple defied the odds as it welcomed the birth of a 91-gram baby chick after incubating and fostering its egg for almost five weeks. Read Full Article at Source link

Time to make changes: Heart risk rises in spring, so plan now to get...

Autumn temperatures may have just arrived, but it's already time to "fall back" an hour.For people who have heart-related problems, they may want to apply that extra 60 minutes in their day toward making healthier lifestyle changes. That's...

Russia’s FSB busts ISIS cell planning terrorist acts in Moscow

An Islamic State terrorist cell that was planning attacks in the Russian capital was detained in Moscow Region on Friday, Russia’s Security Service (FSB) said. Read Full Article at Source link

Shayne Looper: Why church is a crucial part of being Christian

When people came to our church building this past Sunday, I sent them away. In fact, I sent them to other churches. I told them, "Go and bless another church with your presence."We didn't meet for worship this...

Royal relations: Prince Andrew says he wants to strengthen Saudi ties despite Khashoggi murder

Prince Andrew has come under fire after insisting he wants to build closer links with Saudi Arabia, via his Pitch@Palace initiative, despite the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the ongoing war in Yemen. Read Full Article...