Restaurant review: Grecian Garden in Melbourne isn’t fancy, but has good, substantial food

Grecian Garden Cafe, near the Pineda Causeway and Wickham Road in Melbourne, serves breakfast favorites, Greek specialties and substantial dinners          Source link

Fails of the Week: Insult to Injury (January 2017) || FailArmy

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America could be in 'last days of democracy' – anti-Trump filmmaker Michael Moore

America might be in its final days of democracy, left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has warned, noting that the constituency of old white men who have long made decisions for the country are a "dying dinosaur." Read...

Ode to America || Funny 4th of July and Redneck Fails by FailArmy

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The 5 biggest lottery prizes ever— and who won them

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No surprises in Toronto mayoral election as Tory wins second term

The City of Toronto has reelected John Tory as mayor by a comfortable margin, handing the incumbent 63.5 percent of the vote for his second term in office. Tory ran on a platform of lowering crime and...

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Vucevic scores 24 with 12 rebounds as Magic hold off Celtics

The way things went on the road for the Orlando Magic last season, one of the final two 3-point attempts by Boston probably would have gone in.But it's a new season and the ball bounced the right way...

'US has weapons to destroy the world 10 times over, but they want more...

The US is saturated with weapons and doesn't need a new nuclear build-up, former congressman Ron Paul has told RT, commenting on President Donald Trump's threat to quit the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces in Europe (INF) treaty. Read...

How Today's Low Taxes Can Nurture Your Nest Egg

Like death, taxes remain uncertain. But they're now on sale. Under the new tax laws, individual tax rates are broadly lower and the standard deduction "  which directly reduces your taxable Source link