Critics use alleged murder of Saudi journalist…to bash Trump

The disappearance of a dissident Saudi journalist in the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul last Tuesday has offered pundits a golden opportunity to pin the blame on their favorite target: Donald Trump. Read Full Article at Source link...

'With us, or against us': Nikki Haley's top threats & accusations at UN

From bullying countries into voting in line with Washington to proclaiming that the US and Russia will never be friends, retiring US ambassador Nikki Haley has said a lot of eyebrow-raising things at the UN. Here are...

Hillary Clinton says Bill's sex assault allegations are 'different,' and the accuser speaks up

Hillary Clinton got called out for hypocrisy after she argued that sexual harassment allegations against her husband, Bill Clinton, were different from those high-profile Republicans face, as they were thoroughly investigated. Read Full Article at Source link...

Brevard County Commission approves septic tank restrictions to protect Indian River Lagoon

Brevard County Commission approves septic tank restrictions to protect Indian River Lagoon          Source link

How I Ditched Debt: Conquering College Credit Card Balances

In this series, NerdWallet interviews people who have triumphed over debt using a combination of commitment, budgeting and smart financial choices. Responses have been edited for length and clarity. In Source link

Massive blast sets oil refinery ablaze (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

At least eight workers have been injured after a series of explosions struck an oil-processing plant in northern Bosnia. Photos and videos show the plant engulfed in flames and black smoke billowing from the fire. Read Full...

Fails of the Week 2 August 2016 || FailArmy 2016

We're well into the Olympics but we haven't forgotten about our favorite Fails of the Week!! Laugh your stressful week off with some of these awesome fails. source

These top 15 songs from 1998 will have you reminiscing

There's nothing like music to take you back to a certain time. Weren't the late '90s just the best?With the American Music Awards airing Tuesday night, it seemed appropriate to look back at the top 15 songs from...

Department of Homeland In-security? 'Entire generation' of US weapons easily hackable

A report from the US Government Accountability Office paints a grim picture of American military security – or the lack thereof. A host of American weapons can easily be hacked, either due to tech issues or human...

Really, Hillary? Clinton says Democrats ‘can’t be civil’ until they win

Republicans only respect strength and Democrats can only afford civility if they win in the upcoming midterms, Hillary Clinton has argued against the backdrop of increasingly violent US politics. Read Full Article at Source link