High speed tantrum: 11yo boy leads police on car chase over losing PlayStation (VIDEO)

An 11-year-old tearaway led Cleveland police on a hair-raising chase after his mom took his PlayStation away. It was the boy’s second high-speed car chase in 13 months. Read Full Article at RT.com Source link

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Pegasus launch of NASA’s ICON delayed after scrubbed attempt

A next attempt could be made as soon as 3:05 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 8.          Source link

Down syndrome sufferers could join black rhino on endangered species list, advocates launch campaign

With genetic screening lowering the prevalence of Down syndrome around the world, one Canadian advocacy group wants to add sufferers to the endangered species list - alongside the black rhino and the Asian elephant. Read Full Article...

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A 'Breaking Bad' movie is in the works

Order a bucket of chicken from Los Pollos Hermanos and throw a pizza on the roof of your house in excitement, because Vince Gilligan is cooking up a "Breaking Bad" movie and it's already in production. Confirmed by...

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns from DOJ on Trump’s request

US President Donald Trump has requested - and received - the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The Department of Justice will be led by his chief of staff Matthew Whitaker until a permanent replacement is nominated. ...

Pakistan TV chief fired after ‘Beijing’ spelt ‘Begging’ as PM goes to China asking...

Pakistan’s state-run TV news channel was left red-faced after it broadcasted Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech in China but located him in ‘Begging’… rather than ‘Beijing’. The channel’s head has now reportedly been sacked. Read Full Article...