Police injured breaking up cat and dog fight

6419af8b20302717381514fa Police injured breaking up cat and dog fight

Russian officers had to rescue a canine comrade from a feisty feline

Two members of a police convoy in Russia were reportedly injured while springing to the defense of a fellow canine officer that was ambushed by a vicious assailant – a feral cat.

The dramatic fight, which was reported on Tuesday by several Russian media outlets, reportedly happened in the city of Dmitrov in Moscow Region.

The two human officers and their four-legged comrade were escorting some detainees to a precinct when a local feline either “provoked” or “attacked” the police dog, according to sources.

The two sergeants, identified in some reports as Maksim Andronov and Pavel Bezruk, suffered minor injuries to their hands as they rushed to break up the fight. They also suffered a few bites, presumably by the civilian aggressor and not the trained officer of the law.

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According to media outlets, the dog was not hurt in the altercation. The cat reportedly escaped the long arm of the law. The fate of the human detainees was not depicted.

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