Barcelona police shoot man with a knife who tried to attack them

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Lauren Rudd: Go bargain hunting for shares

The recent volatility in the equity markets should be an impetus for you to do a little bargain hunting among shares that are depressed in price but have above average value potential. For example, one company that might...

Sacha Baron Cohen tricks food critic into praising 'butter soft human flesh'

In a new episode of his ridicule-ridden show 'Who is America?' notorious comedian Sacha Baron Cohen pokes fun at pretentious haute cuisine aficionados by treating a food critic to a bite of what he claims is human...

New field, new coach, new hope for FAMU

Not all that long FAMU was the class the MEAC conference. In recent seasons the program has fallen on hard times. The Rattlers haven't had a winning season since 2011 and haven't won more than four games in...

Eva Del Rio: Do salaried workers have recourse over long hours?

Q: I’m a salaried employee at a nonprofit, I love my job and think I’m paid fairly. Sometimes the job requires working more than 40 hours, which I understand. But lately “sometimes” has become “all the time”. We’re...

Estate planning: Fairness is in the eye of the beholder

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US embassy in Turkey attacked by gunman in passing car – reports

An unknown gunman fired several shots at the US embassy in the Turkish capital Ankara from a passing car, smashing a window. Police are looking for the suspect. Read Full Article at Source link

Gators Breakdown: Opponent preview – Missouri

On this episode of Gators Breakdown, Dave and Will preview the 2018 Missouri Tigers. Quarterback Drew Lock returns for his final season as he looks to improve his NFL Draft stock....

Are new Samsung mobile devices worth it?

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