Israel conducts airstrikes, shuts down checkpoints in retaliation for rocket fire from Gaza

Six people were reported injured overnight in a rocket attack from Gaza and Israel’s retaliatory airstrikes. Israel also shut down border checkpoints and imposed more restrictions on fishing off the Gaza coast in response. Read Full Article...

Throwback Thursday Fails: This Water’s Gross!! || FailArmy

Throwback Thursday is here!! We're pulling some of our favorite old fails including girl fails, gym fails, and parkour fails! Enjoy Throwback Thursday, and let us ... source

NASA astronaut recalls ‘wild ride’ after aborted Russian rocket launch

Nick Hague and cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin were not hurt during last Thursday's failed launch to the International Space Station by a Russian rocket.          Source link

Valconi’s meal delivery service puts a cheesesteak spin on macaroni and lasagna

Former owner of Little Phillies cheesesteak cafe in Satellite Beach now offers catering and a meal delivery servicesthat includes unique pasta dishes          Source link

Sweden declares ‘hand grenade amnesty’ in attempt to curb deadly gang crimes

Sweden has introduced a temporary amnesty for anyone in possession of hand grenades and other explosives, urging the public to turn in their illegal arsenals before mid-January, with no legal consequences or questions asked. Read Full Article...

Top 5 Pranks of the Month || FailArmy

The top 5 pranks of the last 30 days! If you like any of the pranks shown in this video be sure to subscribe to them at the links below- 1. Grandma Asking ... source

Powerful Atlas V rocket blasts off from Cape Canaveral with $1.8 billion Air Force...

The 197-foot rocket took flight at 12:15 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 17, with an addition to the Air Force's most secure satellite communications network.          Source link

The Rocky Horror Show LIVE at Titusville Playhouse

The musical that inspired the cult movie classic will be performed at the Titusville Playhouse Oct. 19-28.          Source link

American mercenary boasts of role in ‘targeted assassination program’ in Yemen

A Hungarian-Israeli security contractor based in the US, Abraham Golan, has claimed he ran a targeted assassination program in Yemen as part of the Saudi-led coalition currently waging a proxy war against Iran-backed Houthis. Read Full Article...

Watch ULA’s powerful Atlas V launch a $1.8 billion Air Force satellite from Cape...

Watch live as United Launch Alliance targets 12:15 a.m. for the liftoff of an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station with the Air Force's AEHF-4 communications satellite.          Source link